Vaguely interesting (Mar 2)

(1)  “Basically, midterm electorates are smaller, older, [whiter, and more educated] than presidential ones, but the demographic voting patterns and divisions that we see in midterms are quite similar to presidential contests.”

(2)  “Why African Americans left the South in droves — and what’s bringing them back.”

(3)  “[W]hite overrepresentation and minority underrepresentation has been a defining feature of American politics for decades. In fact, the report finds that we may currently be at peak levels of both overrepresentation and underrepresentation.”

(4)  “These days, it can feel as if the entire country has been given over to a vast psychological experiment being run either by no one or by Steve Bannon.”

(5)  “This is just the sort of science story that shimmies to the top of newsfeeds. That is to say, it’s of little consequence, and it’s very likely wrong. … If anything, a study’s silliness only serves as journalistic cover, by making it seem peevish to delve into the details.”

(6)  “Poor immigrants use public benefits at significantly lower rates than poor citizens. … Nonetheless, the notion that noncitizens make disproportionate use of public benefits remains widespread.”