Vaguely interesting (Nov 7)

(1)  “Best places to be a voter, in terms of Pr(decisive) are New Hampshire and Colorado (in either state the probability that your vote determines the election is 1 in a million); Nevada, Wisconsin, or Pennsylvania (1 in 2 million), Michigan, New Mexico, North Carolina, or Florida (1 in 3 million), or Maine (1 in 5 million).”

(2)  “With his brusque message of defensive nationalism, he is well positioned to extend the GOP advantage in some places where it is already strong, both demographically (working-class whites and evangelical Christians) and geographically (non-metropolitan areas, Appalachian and Interior Plains states). But he appears certain to compound the party’s problems among voters (college-educated and secular whites, minorities, Millennials) and in places (the nation’s largest urban centers, coastal states) where the GOP was already facing crippling deficits.”

(3)  “This Election Was About the Issues: Not the familiar stuff of Washington gridlock, but the most important issues of our time: misogyny, racism, and xenophobia.”

(4)  “If Tuesday’s results follow these projections, the white male share of the House Democratic caucus would decline another 2 percentage points to 41 percent, while the white male share of the House Republican conference would actually increase a point to 88 percent. … Congress is on pace to set yet another new record for the widest partisan demographic gulf in history.”

(5)  And, in non-election news: “Fetal resting-state functional connectivity MRI has the potential to advance knowledge of human neurodevelopment to enhance understanding of, or even predict, birth outcomes and child psychopathology in utero.”