Vaguely interesting (Nov 23)

(1)  “[M]ostly minority neighborhoods have an average wait time that is twice as long as the wait in a mostly white neighborhood. … White precincts tend to have 20 fewer voters per voting machine and 90 fewer voters per poll worker than minority precincts.”

(2)  “There are seven occupations that the Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted will add more than 250,000 new jobs in the next decade …. Women account for more than 85 percent of most of these jobs …”

(3)  “[P]eople express the prejudices that are socially acceptable and they hide the ones that are not. The election of Donald Trump did not create new prejudices, but by changing what a significant percentage of the population believes to be acceptable, his victory has almost certainly unleashed prejudices in people who already had them.”

(4)  “Every single state that elected a Republican senator this November voted for Donald Trump — and every single state that elected a Democratic senator voted for Hillary Clinton.”

(5)  “Yet within the nests of most species of army ants, quietly stealing nourishment from their unwitting hosts, live tiny beetles that have evolved to look, smell, and behave just like their hosts.” (I’m imagining a cartoon ant passionately trying to explain to his fellow ants that some of these ants aren’t really ants at all, sounding like a human conspiracy theorist on shape-shifting reptilians.)