Vaguely interesting (Nov 11)

(1)  “[I]n counties where the white population share was above 75 percent, Trump did 13 percentage points better than Romney …. In counties where less than 20 percent of the population has a bachelor’s degree or higher, Trump exceeded Romney’s margins by 14 percentage points.”

(2)  Relating to negative polarization: People like the party they identify with, but those who really tend to dislike the other party are the ones who have lots of ideologically aligned issue positions.

(3)  “I think [Trump’s] natural instinct will be to look for some quick symbolic victories to satisfy supporters, and then pursue mass popularity with a lot of government benefits, debt and free-lunch thinking.”

(4)  “Findings suggest that fast and automatic Type 1 processing also cues a correct logical response from the start. We sketch a revised dual process model in which the relative strength of different types of intuitions determines reasoning performance.”

(5)  Rob Kurzban and I weigh in on Trump voters. (But first look at my post on the voting groups in the exit polls; that’s the empirical background to our Trump voter article.)