Vaguely interesting (Dec 22)

(1)  Pew’s 16 striking findings from 2016.

(2)  “Do single women avoid career-enhancing actions because these actions could signal personality traits (like ambition) that are undesirable in the marriage market?”

(3)  “And that is why the debate over the reasons for the electoral-vote outcome may never end: It’s the kind of swing-state margin that could have been caused by any of the big things we have all been talking about.”

(4)  “In a world in which technology makes employment more precarious and less remunerative for many workers, redistribution will need to become much more generous and ubiquitous. … Meanwhile, … those already of a mind to be suspicious of outsiders are anything but pleased at the possibility that more public money will flow to those unlike themselves.”

(5)  “But you cannot say she didn’t talk about jobs, workers, and the economy. She talked about them all the time, more than anything else.”

(6)  “[S]ocial cognition equips people to use conformity in a discriminating fashion that moderates the evolutionary trade-offs that would occur if conformist social learning was rigidly applied.”

(7)  “The 2016 election had the third-highest turnout of the past ten elections, so there was no general lack of enthusiasm.”