Vaguely interesting (Oct 21)

(1)  “We consistently found that participants selectively chose to learn that bad (good) things happened to bad (good) people (Studies 1 to 7)—that is, they selectively exposed themselves to deserved outcomes.”

(2)  Hispanics don’t seem to be supporting Democrats more strongly in 2016 than in 2012.

(3)  “As whites increasingly sense that their status in society is falling, white racial identity is becoming politicized. Trump’s promise to ‘make America great again’ speaks to these anxieties by recalling a past in which white people dominated every aspect of politics and society.”

(4)  “Currently, 45% say the justice system is ‘not tough enough’ — down from 65% in 2003 and even higher majorities before then.”

(5)  “Describing these people as motivated by racial resentment, per journalists’ deep-seated belief that racism is a major character defect, seems cruel and un-empathetic, even if it’s supported by extensive amounts of social scientific research and indeed by the statements of Trump’s supporters themselves.”