Vaguely interesting (May 18)

(1)  “[P]eople experience unethical amnesia: unethical actions tend to be forgotten and, when remembered, memories of unethical behavior become less clear and vivid over time than memories of other types of behaviors.”

(2)  “So, truth be told, there’s no ‘normal’ two-terms-is-enough pattern we can point to that makes a GOP win — much less a Donald Trump win — this November significantly more likely. But we’ll keep hearing about it.”

(3)  “58% of U.S. adults favor the idea of replacing the [Affordable Care Act] with a federally funded healthcare system that provides insurance for all Americans.” Only 37% oppose it.

(4)  “It is not enough to say that Trump is a purely racial phenomenon. Nor is it complete to argue that he is the perfectly predictable result of economic upheaval. Rather, in the last half-century, several events have pushed conservative white American middle-class men to conflate their majoritarian, economic, and cultural decline.”

(5)  Kurzban discusses willpower and replication on