Vaguely interesting (May 6)

(1)  Across Western countries, church attendance is declining (or is so low that it has essentially bottomed out).

(2)  “A working-class black woman doesn’t have to be sympathetic to unauthorized immigrants to see threat in Trump’s rhetoric against outsiders; a working-class Hispanic man doesn’t have to hold politically correct attitudes about Muslim Americans to fear a candidate who promises a ban on a whole category of people. Given their high religiosity, black voters at one point were supposed to turn against Democrats on same-sex marriage. But the issue wasn’t salient … in a contest between Republicans and Democrats.”

(3)  “No major party nominee before Clinton or Trump had a double-digit net negative ‘strong favorability’ rating. Clinton’s would be the lowest ever, except for Trump.”

(4)  “Trump … has shifted the party’s balance of power: away from the white-collar and upscale voters who largely nominated John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012, toward the party’s more populist and turbulent working-class wing. In the process, he is steering his party into uncharted electoral waters ….”

(5)  Online nonprobability samples draw unusually politically and civically engaged individuals and also do a bad job generally with racial minorities.