Vaguely interesting (June 17)

(1)  “We find that access to condoms in schools increases teen fertility by about 10 percent.” (Yes, increases.)

(2)  Support for or opposition to unilateral presidential actions isn’t driven by one’s constitutional principles, but by whether one supports or opposes the party and policy goals of the unilaterally acting president.

(3)  “While 79% of Republicans view [the mass shooting in Orlando] primarily as an act of Islamic terrorism, the majority of Democrats, 60%, see it as an act of domestic gun violence.”

(4)  “Over the last several decades, the Republican Party may have been harnessed to a policy agenda that caters to the affluent, but its political coalition has been anchored to a cohesive ethno-nationalistic bloc of white Christians opposed to cultural change. … Republican politics is also identity politics …”

(5)  “They use fewer drugs, have less sex, fight less, and watch television less than previous generations. If you shooed these children away from your lawn, they’d likely do so very quickly and politely. They probably wouldn’t be on your lawn in the first place.”

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