Vaguely interesting (Feb 14)

(1)  “So, if Millennials are less hampered by spouses, houses and kids, why are they moving less than previous generations did at their age?”

(2)  “[T]he decoupling of sex and marriage was underway well before the so-called ‘sexual revolution’ of the late 1960s and early 1970s.”

(3)  “In many areas — college education, two-parent families, employment — black families made progress toward closing the gap with whites from 1989 to 2013. But the wealth gap ended up larger than ever.”

(4)  “According to the exit poll data for Colorado, Clinton won the Latino vote 67 percent to 30 percent. However, according to polling firm Latino Decisions, Clinton won 81 percent to 16 percent. … Our analysis [of precinct-level outcomes] indicates that Clinton won 83 percent of the Hispanic vote in Colorado to 14 percent for Trump.”

(5)  “Important public health successes, including HIV treatment and smoking cessation, have contributed to declining premature mortality in Hispanic individuals, black individuals, and Asians and Pacific Islanders. However, this progress has largely been negated in young and middle-aged (25–49 years) white individuals, and American Indians and Alaska Natives, primarily because of potentially avoidable causes such as drug poisonings, suicide, and chronic liver disease and cirrhosis.”

(6)  The most religious state? Mississippi. The least? Vermont.

(7)  The lowest percentage LGBT? South Dakota (2%). The highest? Vermont (5.3%).