Vaguely interesting (Sept 19)

(1)  “Contrary to allocators’ predictions, the average receiver was happier when allocated more money by an unfair procedure than when allocated less money by a fair procedure.”

(2)  “So trade with China hit the U.S. working class hard in terms of jobs and wages. But its consumption benefits flowed far more to the middle and upper-middle classes. This shows how difficult it is to wave away the distributional effects of international trade.”

(3)  “Populist campaigns have prefigured, provoked, and sometimes precipitated political realignments. … In the left-wing strain, epitomized by Long, Perot, Occupy Wall Street, and Sanders, populists champion the people against the elites. In the right-wing strain, it’s also the people versus the elitesbut the elites are attacked for coddling and subsidizing a third ‘out group,’ such as African Americans (Wallace) or immigrants who have entered the country illegally (Buchanan, the Tea Party, and Trump).”

(4)  “[J]ust 3% of American adults own nearly half of guns in the US.”

(5)  “Ten Famous Psychology Findings That It’s Been Difficult To Replicate”