Vaguely interesting (Sept 9)

(1)  “The more attractive our leisure time, the less we’ll want to work …. Certain technologies—such as video games and social media and the internet—have increased the value of leisure time.”

(2)  “The more likely outcome is that American party politics will experience a recalibration, with new issues gaining prominence, but little change in the two parties’ major constituencies.”

(3)  “[The right] wants its own opinions to set the national tone. It wants them to prevail, to wield cultural and social power in a way they believe they once did and no longer do. Which is another way of saying that the anti-PC crowd is primarily animated and provoked by a sense of defeat, failure, and cultural grievance.”

(4)  “Clinton has commissioned numerous experiments to score the effectiveness and cost efficiency of different methods of voter outreach — TV, radio, directmail, online display ads, Web videos, phone calls, etc.”

(5)  “Few blue-collar workers have college degrees, but a lot of people without college degrees are NOT blue-collar workers.”