Vaguely interesting (Oct 26)

(1)  “[I]t wasn’t Trump’s initial campaign announcement about Mexican ‘rapists’ that cemented his support [from white nationalists]: It was his steady, consistent push for an anti-immigration platform, one of the central policy pillars of the nationalist right.”

(2)  “Rather, the point is to honestly consider whether the scientific community is making strategic communication choices when it comes to this election. Poor choices could give the dangerous impression that scientific questions can be debated like policy choices – while also cutting into the public’s overall trust in science.”

(3)  “The presidential vote preferences of LGB voters this year are largely consistent with past elections. Nearly three-quarters of LGB voters (72%) back Clinton and just 13% back Trump.”

(4)  “In other words, while the overall welfare effects of trade liberalization are generally positive, the impact on some subgroups, particularly the less well-educated, are negative and much larger.”

(5)  “Empathy without clarity leads to a place where Trump’s material threat to nonwhites—‘stop and frisk,’ mass deportation, Muslim surveillance, etc.—is treated as incidental to the story of Trump and his support, when it’s the opposite.”

(6)  You know that old thing about how Nixon won the debate with the radio audience, but Kennedy won with the TV audience? Yeah, umm, that’s probably not true.