Vaguely interesting (March 24)

(1)  “[W]e found no support for the hypothesis that life history strategy predicts cooperation or that early childhood environments interact with current resource scarcity to predict cooperation.”

(2)  “[T]he observed wage patterns are most consistent with men marrying when their wages are already rising more rapidly than expected and divorcing when their wages are already falling, with no additional causal effect of marriage on wages.”

(3)  “The median national [adolescent birth rate (ABR)] fell 40% from 72.4/1,000 in 1990 to 43.6/1,000 in 2012. The largest regional declines in ABR occurred in South Asia (70%), Europe/Central Asia (63%), and the Middle East/North Africa (53%).”

(4)  “Half of the public incorrectly thinks the [ACA] allows undocumented immigrants to receive financial help from the government to buy health insurance.”

(5)  “The ‘game of chicken’ which could be a serious problem for driverless cars.” (Calls to mind Kurzban’s opening story in Hypocrite of the difference between crossing the street in Philadelphia vs. Southern California.)

(6)  “National turnout of eligible voters was 60.2% – 1.6 percentage points above the 58.6% turnout in 2012, though slightly lower than 2008.”